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Top 10 Things I Have Learned From Harold Bride...

1.  Romance and telegraphy don't mix.

2.  You can't be a radio operator and remain a Christian.

3.  Always look behind you before insulting the captain.

4.  The proper way to salute a captain.

5.   Never forget that you work in The Most Important Place 
      on the Whole Ship.

6.   True love is beyond price, but messages about it are not: 
      two pounds fourpence, please. 

7.  A good radio operator stays with the key till the end.

8.  SOS is the recommended way to call collect.

9.  Take care to use the full corporate name of your employer at 
     all times; the hearer may seem to stare at you vacantly, but 
     they are actually stunned into silent admiration by your loyalty.

10. Stripped pjs are all the rage, especially under suit jackets.

Top Ten Lines that Harold Bride says in Titanic...

1.  Harold Bride - wireless operator with the Marconi international 
     Marine Signal Communications Company, Limited...

2.  Right, I mean, aye, aye, sir.

3.   Welcome to the most important place on the whole ship.

4.   If you ask me , they don't know what the bloody hell they're doing 
      up there, excuse my French.

5.  You can't be a radio operator and remain a Christian.

6.  How can you communicate with only one person when you've 
      got the whole world talking to you?

7.  The night was alive with a thousand voices.

8.  Can't you see I'm busy?  Go bother the captain.

9.  I'll hear those voices for the rest of my life.

10.  I stayed with the key to the end.  They could have saved every 
       man, women and child aboard.

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