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Bells Are Ringing

The Midas Touch
"The Midas Touch..."
brought to you by FreakyMartian.

The Music and Lyrics of Dr. Kitchell
"You don't see anything, but it hurts..."
brought to you by FreakyMartian.


How Did They Build Titanic?
"Fare-thee-well, my darling..." (88.3 K)
(with David Elder)
"I'm Harold Bride..." (29.5 K)

There She Is
"There she is...towering high..." (136.2 K)
(with Brian d'Arcy James and David Elder)

The Proposal/The Night Was Alive
"Touch the spark...sound the tone." (44.0 K)
"And the night was alive..." (128.1 K)
"Tapping out our dit dit-dah-dit..." (141.3 K)
"Message received." (14.7 K)
"The Night Was Alive" in Real Audio (64.6 K)
(with Brian d'Arcy James and from the official Titanic site)
Part of the instrumental version from Titanic: The Ultimate Collection (118.7 K)

In Every Age (reprise)/Finale
"Fare thee well, may the Lord who watches all..." (175.2 K)

Floyd Collins

The Ballad of Floyd Collins
"Sure enough..." (56.9 K)

I Landed on Him
"I am not there..." (104.4 K)

Is That Remarkable?
"Mr. Carmichael, I need to speak to you..." (131.4 K)
"Wait." "Is that remarkable enough?" (76.5 K)

The Carnival
"What have I set in motion here?" (85.3 K)

Through the Mountain
"Miss Nellie, you're not allowed to be here..." (58.9 K)
(with Theresa McCarthy)

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

A Secretary is Not a Toy
"Mr. Bratt, I need a new secretary!" (19.0 K)

Polly Pen's Bed and Sofa
Martin's voice on the radio, sounding very twenties (716 K)
Thanks to starski for this clip!