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Martin on Dellaventura
--Martin plays Harvey, an anal retentive businessman who learns to loosen up a little--and wear sunglasses--when he uses Dellaventura to go after a crooked car repair service. Sort of Harold Tackaberry goes to the detective.  (The Deck Plans)

Martin on Dellaventura Martin on Dellaventura Scene One: Dellaventura (Danny Aiello) is five minutes late and Harvey (Martin Moran) is miffed. They agree to have coffee (on a set that looks like a bar) to discuss his little problem. See, Responsible Motors that recently "repaired" Harvey's car for an oil leek, also replaced his transmission, an unnecessary repair. AND the oil still leaks. Harvey's tried everyone--including Geraldo--when he was informed "guys like me are a dime a dozen." Della agrees to help him.

Scene Two: Harvey's been following one of Della's minions, as she attempts to get the car repair service doing something illegal. For the first time in years, he took the afternoon off to do it, too! It feels great--and so, he offers her a ride.

Scene Three:
Harvey's problem is solved--the evil car repair service is taken care of...And Harvey gets a hot new car from it. They joke about how jealous everyone will be at work--but Harvey's quit. "They were stiffling my inborn spontaneous nature." On with the sunglasses and off with Harvey.
Martin on Dellaventura Martin on Dellaventura
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Gypsy of the Year Awards (1997)

Gypsy Awards
Photos & Content: The Deck Plans
Oh, they built the ship Titanic
To sail the ocean blue
And they thought they had a ship
That the water won't go through
But it was on that madien trip
that an iceberg hit the ship
It was sad when the great ship went down
(Sung to "Sail on") It was sad
So sad
When the great ship went down.
Husbands and wives
little children lost their lives
It was sad when the great ship went down.

In All That Ice...
All That Ice!
Michelle Ragusa:

Come on, boys,
Why don't we faint and drown
In all that ice, In all that ice.
We're tough enough to freeze
and watch the ship go down
in all that ice.
Chart the stars,
I know a slippery spot
where things are bolted down
but the piano's not.
And when the piano falls
it squishes things real small
in all that ice
And All That Ice!
And All That Ice! Grab your duck and wear your vest that floats...

Grab your duck and wear your vest that floats
in all that ice.
All: In all that ice.

I hear we're fucked
there aren't enough lifeboats.
In all that ice.

All: In all that ice
Here's the scene:

We're gonna sink this tub
I've got some dramime if they should need a drug
Inflate your blow up toy
And grab a sailor boy
for all that ice

Oooooooooh, we're gonna shimmy till her timbers break..
Male Voice:
In all that ice

Oooooooooh, we're gonna shimmy till her timbers break

Female Voice:
In all that ice.

Soon we'll all be dead and boney
So at least we got a Tony
We're still here,
Ben Brantley's queer, For all that---

Stage Manager's Voice:

Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please? Due to technical difficulties, there will be a brief pause. Thank you for your cooperation.

So you want more strife
Then go and see The Life
And all that ice.

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