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A Man of No Importance

"A Man of No Importance"

Bells Are Ringing

"Bells Are Ringing"



Floyd Collins

"Floyd Collins"
Bed & Sofa

"Bed & Sofa"
How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

"How to Succeed..."

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A Man of No Importance
  1. A Man of No Importance - Alfie and Company
  2. The Burden of Life - Lily and Alfie
  3. Going Up - Carney and the St. Imelda's Players
  4. Princess - Adele and Alfie
  5. The Streets of Dublin - Robbie and Company 
  6. Books - Carney and Lily
  7. Man in the Mirror - Alfie and Oscar Wilde
  8. Love Who You Love - Alfie
  9. Our Father - Mrs. Patrick and Company
  10. Confession - Alfie, Robbie and Father Kenny
  11. The Cuddles Mary Gave - Baldy
  12. Art - Alfie and the St. Imelda's Players
  13. A Man of No Importance (Reprise) - Mrs. Patrick, Breton Beret, Sully O'Hara; Confusing Times - Carney and Alfie
  14. Love Who You Love (Robbie's Reprise)- Robbie and Alfie
  15. Man in the Mirror (Reprise)- Oscar Wilde, Alfie and Company
  16. Tell Me Why - Lily
  17. Love Who You Love (Adele's Reprise) - Adele and Alfie
  18. Welcome to the World - Alfie
  19. Poem - Alfie, Robbie and Company
  20. Love's Never Lost (bonus track) - Sean McCourt and Antoine Silverman

Bells Are Ringing
  1. Overture
  2. Bells Are Ringing Telephone Girls
  3. It's A Perfect Relationship Ella 
  4. Independent Jeff and Dancers
  5. It's A Simple Little System Sandor and Ensemble
  6. Better Than A Dream Ella and Jeff
  7. Hello, Hello There Ludwig Smiley, Ella, Jeff and Ensemble
  8. I Met A Girl Jeff and Ensemble
  9. Is It A Crime? Ella, Barnes and Francis
  10. Long Before I Knew You Jeff and Ella
  11. Mu-Cha-Cha Carl, Ella, Gwynne and Dancers
  12. Just In Time Jeff, Ella and Ensemble
  13. Drop That Name Ensemble with Ella
  14. The Party's Over Ella
  15. Salzberg Sue and Sandor
  16. The Midas Touch Dr. Kitchell and Dancers
  17. Long Before I Knew You (Reprise) Jeff and Ella 
  18. I'm Going Back Ella
  19. Just In Time (Reprise)/Finale The Company
  20. Bonus Track: The Music and Lyrics of Dr. Joseph Kitchell, D.D.S.

  1. Overture/ Prologue: In Every Age Thomas Andrews
  2. How Did They Build Titanic? Barrett 
  3. There She Is Barrett, Bride and Fleet 
  4. I Must Get On That Ship Pitman, 2nd, 3rd Class Passengers 
  5. The First Class Roster Pitman, Alice Beane 
  6. Godspeed Titanic The Company 
  7. Barrett's Song Barrett 
  8. To Be A Captain Officer Murdoch 
  9. Lady's Maid The Kates and Steerage 
  10. What a Remarkable Age This Is Etches, Staff and 1st Class Diners 
  11. The Proposal/The Night Was Alive Barrett/Bride 
  12. Hymn/ Doing The Latest Rag Hartley and the Company 
  13. I have Danced The Beanes
  14. No Moon Fleet and the Company 
  15. Autumn Hartley
  16. Dressed In Your Pajamas In The Grand Salon The Company          
  17. The Blame Ismay, Andrews, and Smith 
  18. To The Lifeboats The Company     
  19. We'll Meet Tomorrow Barrett, Bride, Charles Clarke & Company
  20. Still- Isador and Ida Straus
  21. To Be A Captain (Reprise) Etches      
  22. Mr. Andrews' Vision Andrews         
  23. Epilogue: In Every Age The Company

Floyd Collins
  1. The Ballad of Floyd Collins Company
  2. Part I: The Call Floyd
  3. Part II: It Moves Floyd
  4. Part III: Time to Go Floyd
  5. Lucky Nellie, Miss Jane
  6. 'Tween a Rock an' a Hard Place Bishop, Jewell, Doyle
  7. Daybreak Homer, Floyd
  8. I Landed on Him Skeets Miller
  9. Heart an' Hand Miss Jane, Lee
  10. The Riddle Song Homer, Floyd
  11. Is That Remarkable? Reporters and Company
  12. The Carnival Floyd and Company
  13. Through the Mountain Nellie
  14. Git Comfortable Homer
  15. The Ballad of Floyd Collins (Reprise) Jewell 
  16. The Dream Floyd, Nellie, Homer and Company
  17. How Glory Goes Floyd

Bed & Sofa
  1. Anthem
  2.  The Train
  3. My Name
  4.  Lunch/Without My Work
  5. The Night
  6.  The War
  7. Bed and Sofa #1 (Volodya moves in)
  8. 13 Meschanskaia Lane
  9. News!/"Over the Moon"
  10.  Bed and Sofa #2 (Ludmilla and Volodya are alone)
  11. Silent Movie
  12. Bed and Sofa #3 (Ludmilla and Volodya go to bed)
  13. Kolya's Return/Beans
  14.  Big and Complicated
  15. Do You Mean To Stay Here?/Without My Wife
  16. The Night/"Over the Moon" (Reprise)
  17. Back and Forth
  18. Bed and Sofa #4 (Kolya takes the sofa)
  19. Checkers
  20. I Am Hungry
  21. The Dressing Screen
  22. A Walk
  23. I Am Hungry (Reprise)
  24. U.S.S.R.
  25. Bed and Sofa #5 (Volodya takes the sofa)
  26.  Back and Forth (Reprise)
  27. To Have a Child
  28. Abortion
  29. Her Husband
  30.  The Letter
  31. The Ending
  32. Anthem

How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying
  1. Overture Orchestra
  2. Dear Reader Walter Cronkite
  3. How To Succeed J. Pierpont Finch, Company
  4. Happy To Keep His Dinner Warm Rosemary Pilkington, Smitty 
  5. Coffee Break Bud Frump, Smitty, Ensemble
  6. You Have Alertly Seized Your Opportunities Walter Cronkite
  7. The Company Way Twimble, J. Pierpont Finch
  8. The Company Way (Reprise) Bud Frump, Company
  9. Entrance Of Hedy LaRue Orchestra
  10. A Secretary Is Not A Toy Bert Bratt, Company
  11. Been A Long Day Smitty, Rosemary Pilkington, J. Pierpont Finch, Ensemble
  12. Been A Long Day (Reprise) Bud Frump, J.B. Bigglcy, Hedy La Rue
  13. Saturday Morning Ballet Orchestra
  14. Grand Old Ivy J.B. Bigglcy, Hedy La Rue
  15. Paris Original Rosemary Pilkington, Miss Krumholtz, Smitty, Miss Jones, Company
  16. Rosemary J. Pierpont Finch, Rosemary Pilkington
  17. Act One Finale J. Pierpont Finch
  18. Entr'acte Orchestra
  19. How To Succeed - Smitty, Miss Krumholtz, Women
  20. So You Are Now A Vice-President Walter Cronkite
  21. Happy To Keep His Dinner Warm Rosemary Pilkington
  22. Love From A Heart Of Gold J.B. Bigglcy, Hedy La Rue
  23. I Believe In You J. Pierpont Finch, Men
  24. The Pirate Dance Ensemble
  25. How To Handle A Disaster Walter Cronkite
  26. I Believe In You Rosemary Pilkington
  27. By This Time, You Are A Seasoned Executive Walter Cronkite
  28. Brotherhood Of Man J. Pierpont Finch/Twimble, Miss Jones, Company
  29. Finale Company