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Thanks to Tripod, for not having as many annoying little ads as GeoCities does.

Charity Kahn's Mouseover machine at has to be credited, if only for being a fun little program to play with when one is bored. And for making JavaScript infinitely easier.

Thank you to my parents for giving me the money to buy a computer, a scanner, and a printer, even though they thought I'd be buying something that actually worked instead of crashing on a near hourly basis. Beware Compaq!!!

And more thanks to:
Christine of the Deck Plans for the use of various pictures.

Cynthia for intriguing revelations.

Mallory for being a good friend and for introducing me to Titanic fandom and other fun stuff.

Joanna because she's a complete nut (but in a good way!) and because I promised I'd thank her if I ever created this site.

And of course, thanks to Martin Moran.